Report to the Senior Land Surveyor. Liaise with Ministry and Municipality surveyors. Be responsible for the all survey works and setting out activities on site.

  • Ensure that you receive briefings on all aspects of construction from the responsible Manager.
  • Ensure the responsible Manager has copies of all documents, drawings, catalogues and handbooks relating to the project.
  • Ensure that the standard specifications for all jobs are followed.
  • Ensure that temporary facilities are provided.
  • Organise site establishments and organise stock control on site.
  • Assign packages of work to charge-hands in accordance with the project plan.
  • Attend site meetings if required.
  • Control the issue and return of tools and ensure that they are kept on site and that they are maintained in good order.
  • Ensure that work standards and site rules are adhered to and that the Company’s disciplinary Procedures are followed.
  • Check and report on the performance of the people under your control.
  • Control the site attendance and time-keeping and keep records of this.
  • Monitor everyday labour relations and report to the responsible Manager.
  • Ensure that the team allocated complies with the company’s safety requirements.
  • Record all extra work and advise Quantity Surveyor of same.
  • Liaise with Planning Department on hours spent per activity.
  • Obtain client approval for all additional work via the Supervisor prior to executing.
  • Diploma in Civil engineering or equivalent.
  • Should be proficient in English and Arabic both.
  • Candidate must have transferrable iqama.
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